The Sofia Promise


Hi there! And thank you so much for visiting!

Yes - all Sofia's jewelry is made in Korea.

Whatever is sold is of limited quantity! Sofia Korea does not want to be a mainstream brand where choices are small, expensive or mainstream… variety, affordability, uniqueness and... freshness is what Sofia stands for!

You saw them here first! You will get the latest designs before anyone else does. Almost everything is a prototype. That’s why they’re such limited quantities… which means…

Once sold - they’re rarely replaced.

Watch this space! The collection will continue to grow. Brand new products will be added EVERY day!

Delivery is free. There's no nasty surprises when you check out your basket! Wherever you are in the world Sofia will fly your purchases to you at no extra cost. 

Sofia and her team want everything to be perfect. And that means her service as well as your jewelry. So let us know if you're not happy. We'll do our best to make your world an even better place!

There’s so much to say and share here. This includes ways in which to get you more involved in what will be an evolving, and ever-changing, story.
More on this later…

The website is a ‘work in progress’ so please forgive us if it’s not perfect - let us know how it can be improved. Sofia and the rest of the team would love to hear back from you.

So please sign in, sign up, write to us and we'll do our utmost to respond to any questions, suggestions or ideas that you have.

Thank you for reading… we look forward to you writing :)

Sofia Korea