About Us

Sofia presents Korea’s hottest, latest, finest
fashion jewelry to the World

‘Jet Fresh’ is our promise!

What we deliver, daily, is ‘up-to-the-minute’ fashion jewelry.
All created, all made in one of the world’s coolest, and on-trend, design hubs… South Korea.

Each day sees a new batch of products being delivered.

Limited editions

Many pieces are prototypes.
Designs that haven't even hit the market...or may never will.
They’re hand made with precision finishing - and are personally curated by Sofia.

Once sold, rarely replaced

Often, only a handful of each design is ever made... few make it to the mass market.
If you see something you like there’s a high chance you may never see it again -
so act quickly - you could be one of the very few to own one!

There’s always tomorrow!

Don’t worry if you miss out - what’s here today will be refreshed the next with something just as new.
And as equally compelling!

Visit our store regularly to see what’s landed or sign up to get updated
on what’s just been delivered

Exceptional quality

Korea is obsessive about its quality. So is Sofia
Each piece is designed and made with love, dedication and care by people
who are passionate about their creations
Quality is assured - not just in terms of manufacturing - but also in creativity

Exceptional price

Sofia’s products are fast moving. not dust gathering!
By selling at a reasonable price - and quickly - she’s able to move on
to the next hot set of designs.
Keeping things affordable and fresh is what drives her -
and something that she knows creates a community of loyal supporters
and followers

Satisfaction guaranteed

In the unlikely event that your delivery is damaged during transit
we need to hear about it

Customer happiness is our priority and we’ll do everything possible
to replace, repair or reimburse your order


Sofia Korea will never share your information with third parties.
This goes against everything that Sofia stands for.
Trust is earned - never sold

Finally - we’d love to hear from you!

Sofia wants to know what she’s doing right - and what needs attention!
She’s open to suggestions, new ideas, friendships, partnerships -
ways in which to enhance the customer experience and to
actively get you more involved in her success

So please do contact her and her team. No message will go unread 
Every effort will be made to reply as soon as possible

Enjoy your shopping!!